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  3. In my opinion there are 2 different player bases you are hitting with gather rates. Having an extremely high gather rate would attract more players, but with the cost of having those players play for a smaller amount of time. While having a 2x, 5x, 10x, to get most explosives it would take much longer and much more grinding. This would cause players to have to grind more to get those explosives, keeping them on the server longer. While they would have to be on the server longer, I feel it would attract less players.
  4. New Rust Server Poll Hi this following Poll is going to be for a new Rust Server Your ideas can and will make a difference, give us your input of what you want for a Rust Server, if you want to add something that is not on the Poll please just comment below on this topic. This new Rust Server is going to be in partnership with F3rgZ If you have the time and want to give him your support you can check out his discord here. F3rg'Z#OfficialDC Again remember if you want to add anything that is not in the poll you are free to leave your comments here.
  5. The Current version of the IdiotBoxGaming Wasteland server is currently still in development but the server is currently up to play for anyone interested. Currently there are no mods needed to play this game mode all that is required is for you to connect and select a faction. A3 Wasteland is a harsh survival sandbox where two teams, and independent players fight for survival. There will be changes in the future more focused towards the economy, aesthetics, and including more missions and objectives. Feel free to leave any suggestions you have for this server over in our suggestions area for Arma 3 here on the forums; we are glad to hear from the community. Connection info:
  6. Some modifications are definitely due i am feeling a bit bad that i haven't gotten around to do this sooner and so far it seems that the server will be staying as is.
  7. I voted for #1, with the qualifier here that in my opinion some further modifications would not hurt.
  8. Rust Server Poll Hello and welcome to the Rust server poll recently we here at the IdiotBoxGaming community realized some changes had to be made and we are curious on your stand with the current Rust server if you the player could give us feed back by first answering this poll then adding any comments you have on the Rust server below or head on over to the Rust suggestion section. This will be greatly appreciated by the staff here at IdiotBoxGaming and hopefully we can make great changes for the Rust server here in the future.
  9. Hello! We have greatly enjoyed reading your guys' suggestions! With our new community guidelines, we are going to reduce the size of the map from a 6000 size map, to a 4500 size map. This will improve the general FPS on the server, it will also force more player interactions, and cause a more enjoyable experience. This change will be implemented on December 19th (12/19), with the rest of the changes being made to the server. We have tons of ideas that we think can make your experience as a community member much more enjoyable. But we would still love to hear your suggestions that you believe could make the server more enjoyable. All suggestions are to be placed in the suggestion tab. You can also add suggestions into discord! We read all suggestions that are submitted. -Kovert
  10. Hello! My name is Kovert, and I am the new IdiotBox Rust Community Manager. We have decided to implement a suggestion that was brought to our attention by one of our players, which concerns the wipe schedule. We originally had a "Forced Wipe Only" schedule, meaning the server would be reset whenever the newest update were to come out. We have decided that a bi-weekly wipe schedule is an idea that fits the servers needs more than the previous had. This change will be added immediately, meaning the next wipe will happen on the 19th of December (12/19). All suggestions that are submitted will be put into consideration and maybe even added to the current server! Any and all suggestions are to be added to the Suggestions portion under the Rust tab.
  11. Congrats to the winners in the recent competition! 1st place @Ethan 2nd place @Captainswag 3rd place @Millerjerm | GarnetGaming.net Again thanks to everyone that participate and hopefully we can do something like this again!
  12. NOVEMBER First Place: @Ethan, will recieve 15 rep points Second place: @Angelo , will recieve 10 rep points Third place: @Hooman, will recieve 5 rep points Several people could have won second and third place but they did not own a forums account. Make sure to make a forums account to compete in any competitions that we may run. Having a forums account will also allow you to keep track of everything that happens in the community!!
  13. Welcome to IdiotBox Gamings Rust Server. The server is a 2 times server that is lightly modded with BetterLoot, slightly faster crafting speeds, Furnace Splitter, Quick Smelt, and a couple more. Our main focus here was to keep this as vanilla as possible whilst adding a little luxury to your rust experience. we are supported by a wonderful staff team that will listen to your reports on our forums and deal with them according to our rules. Too see the rules for the server check out the topic on the Rules section of the forums. We are currently listed on rust-servers.net at the link https://rust-servers.net/server/152247/. We will be holding a regular monthly competition based on the top 3 voters of the server. Each month the top 3 voters will be hiven Rep based on their position in the voting tables. Monthly Voting Competition: First Prize: 15 Forums Rep Points Second Prize: 10 Forums Rep Points Third Prize: 5 Forums Rep Points To win a prize you must have a forums account that is linked to your steam account!
  14. Welcome everyone to the first ever Rust competition held here at our community's rust server IdiotBoxGaming.net - 11/7 - [2X | Forced Wipe only] the rules for the competition are simple who ever is in the top 3 of the server for playtime by the end of the wipe I.E. on December 5th 2019 when the server wipes we will decide who are the best of the best and most devoted in our community! All staff are not allowed to participate or be apart of this competition so if you see them on the leader-board no need to worry about them Prizes for the top 3 1st $100 dollar steam gift card and will hold the rank of Rust MVP on the official IdiotBox TS 2nd $50 dollar steam gift card 3rd $25 dollar steam gift card Good luck to everyone that participates and remember to have fun! and remember do /playtime top to see who is in the lead Disclaimer: please have your steam connected to the forums if you wish to participate if we are unable to get a hold of you the prize will be passed down to the next eligible contestant.
  15. Test of the infantry training so we can use it in future.
  16. IdiotBox Gaming is proud to present our very first official server, we are hoping to release servers for DayZ in the future but decided to make a Rust server first. This server will be a 2x server where the map rotates randomly on the reset. Monthly resets will occur on the first thursday of the month. Currently we are not looking for staff but if you have any reports you want to make go to the reports and appeals section on the Rust catagory (You will need to make an account for this). All rules can be found in the rules catagory on the forums, but i will post it below for ease of use. Rules
  17. Drifter

    Rust Rules

    IdiotBox- F3rgZ Gaming 1.5x Solo/Quad Server Rules 1. Group max of 4 2. No Stream sniping of any kind 3. No cheating/use of 3rd party software 4. No advertising of any sort 5. No Racism 6. All staff decisions are final if you feel the need to make a report or appeal please do so in the proper reports/appeals section of the forums
  18. Our forums are now open too the Public, You must log in through steam as that is how the forums are setup. If you are having trouble with your account contact a Head-Admin or a Root. To see the whole forums you will NEED to make an account!
  19. SkyeBreach

    Forums Rules

    All These rules must be followed, at the very least, whilst using the IdiotBox Forums. There may be some unspoken rules that still apply to all forums members, If a founder or staff member say you have done something wrong then you have! 1. No Vulgar or Inappropriate profile pictures or names. 2. Keep your posts relating to the category you’re posting in. 3. No Spam of any Kind 4. Keep any posts that are not in an 18+ area to PG 13 content as to not discourage any of our younger community members. 5. No Discriminatory Posts, This includes but is not limited to Discrimanation due to Gender, Sexual Orientation, Race, Age, and Religious Beliefs. 6. No Flaming/Harassment 7. No Extremism 8. No Deformation/Impersonation 9. No Doxxing of any kind 10. No DDos threats, this will incur a community ban! 11. No Pedophilia UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! In any Case, if someone feels like one of these rules has been broken against them or in general the person must inform a Forums Staff member. All evidence will be collected and the staff member will decide on an appropriate punishment according to the Punishment manual provided.
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