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  1. In my opinion there are 2 different player bases you are hitting with gather rates. Having an extremely high gather rate would attract more players, but with the cost of having those players play for a smaller amount of time. While having a 2x, 5x, 10x, to get most explosives it would take much longer and much more grinding. This would cause players to have to grind more to get those explosives, keeping them on the server longer. While they would have to be on the server longer, I feel it would attract less players.
  2. Hello! We have greatly enjoyed reading your guys' suggestions! With our new community guidelines, we are going to reduce the size of the map from a 6000 size map, to a 4500 size map. This will improve the general FPS on the server, it will also force more player interactions, and cause a more enjoyable experience. This change will be implemented on December 19th (12/19), with the rest of the changes being made to the server. We have tons of ideas that we think can make your experience as a community member much more enjoyable. But we would still love to hear your suggestions that you believe could make the server more enjoyable. All suggestions are to be placed in the suggestion tab. You can also add suggestions into discord! We read all suggestions that are submitted. -Kovert
  3. Hello! My name is Kovert, and I am the new IdiotBox Rust Community Manager. We have decided to implement a suggestion that was brought to our attention by one of our players, which concerns the wipe schedule. We originally had a "Forced Wipe Only" schedule, meaning the server would be reset whenever the newest update were to come out. We have decided that a bi-weekly wipe schedule is an idea that fits the servers needs more than the previous had. This change will be added immediately, meaning the next wipe will happen on the 19th of December (12/19). All suggestions that are submitted will be put into consideration and maybe even added to the current server! Any and all suggestions are to be added to the Suggestions portion under the Rust tab.
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