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  1. NOVEMBER First Place: @Ethan, will recieve 15 rep points Second place: @Angelo , will recieve 10 rep points Third place: @Hooman, will recieve 5 rep points Several people could have won second and third place but they did not own a forums account. Make sure to make a forums account to compete in any competitions that we may run. Having a forums account will also allow you to keep track of everything that happens in the community!!
  2. Welcome to IdiotBox Gamings Rust Server. The server is a 2 times server that is lightly modded with BetterLoot, slightly faster crafting speeds, Furnace Splitter, Quick Smelt, and a couple more. Our main focus here was to keep this as vanilla as possible whilst adding a little luxury to your rust experience. we are supported by a wonderful staff team that will listen to your reports on our forums and deal with them according to our rules. Too see the rules for the server check out the topic on the Rules section of the forums. We are currently listed on rust-servers.net at the link https://rust-servers.net/server/152247/. We will be holding a regular monthly competition based on the top 3 voters of the server. Each month the top 3 voters will be hiven Rep based on their position in the voting tables. Monthly Voting Competition: First Prize: 15 Forums Rep Points Second Prize: 10 Forums Rep Points Third Prize: 5 Forums Rep Points To win a prize you must have a forums account that is linked to your steam account!
  3. Test of the infantry training so we can use it in future.
  4. Our forums are now open too the Public, You must log in through steam as that is how the forums are setup. If you are having trouble with your account contact a Head-Admin or a Root. To see the whole forums you will NEED to make an account!
  5. SkyeBreach

    Forums Rules

    All These rules must be followed, at the very least, whilst using the IdiotBox Forums. There may be some unspoken rules that still apply to all forums members, If a founder or staff member say you have done something wrong then you have! 1. No Vulgar or Inappropriate profile pictures or names. 2. Keep your posts relating to the category you’re posting in. 3. No Spam of any Kind 4. Keep any posts that are not in an 18+ area to PG 13 content as to not discourage any of our younger community members. 5. No Discriminatory Posts, This includes but is not limited to Discrimanation due to Gender, Sexual Orientation, Race, Age, and Religious Beliefs. 6. No Flaming/Harassment 7. No Extremism 8. No Deformation/Impersonation 9. No Doxxing of any kind 10. No DDos threats, this will incur a community ban! 11. No Pedophilia UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! In any Case, if someone feels like one of these rules has been broken against them or in general the person must inform a Forums Staff member. All evidence will be collected and the staff member will decide on an appropriate punishment according to the Punishment manual provided.
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