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  1. GMod S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP : Alpha 0.65 Server Migration We have now migrated the Gmod to our new dedicated server. This should'nt have affected anyones data, so all your items/levels/and rubles are the same. This migration should improve server performance massivly aswell as allowing us to do more stuff with the actual server. We are also in the process of migrating Teamspeak and ARMA.
  2. GMod S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP : Alpha 0.6 Inventorys, Artifacts, and Anomalies Update Ok i know its not been long since the last update but my sleep schedule isn't great so after a long session of coding i bring you this new (Quite large) update. Artifact Hunting Revamp This has been along time coming, I have completely overhauled this system ( lets be honest the old one was extremely bare-bones). Now artifacts that spawn naturally spawn invisible, and can only be detected and seen with the right detectors. if you have the right detector equiped and you are with in 50 units of the artifact you will see a green halo around the artifact. Oh whats that you want me to make it even harder? well i did πŸ˜› to actualy pick up artifacts you need to have the right tier of detector. Artifact Detectors Echo Detectors (As shown below) can find non-rare artifacts, artifacts with rarity greater than 0.5. the detector is also very simple it literally is just a beeper. Bear Detectors (As shown below) can find rare artifacts, artifacts with rarity greater than 0.1. The detector beeps and shows the direction of the artifact (will only show one artifact). Veles Detectors (As shown below) can find extremely rare artifacts, all known naturally spawning artifacts. The detector beeps and shows the exact location of the artifact (will show multiple if there is multiple). This detector can later be improved (Next update) to also show anomalies. Equippable Artifacts and Artifact Inventory Artifacts can now be equipped to receive special bonus' or hindrances. They will have both debuffs and buffs. Only one artifact can be equipped at a time, because the menu kept being weird when i had multiple artifacts in it. Backpacks After several people requested this i finally got round to doing it. The addition of backpacks does mean that everyones inventory size is set to 10 now by default. With backpacks however you can get up to 40 slots in your main inventory. Anomalies I have added some anomalies onto the map. I origionally added more but they caused cascading lua errors, I will try to add more before full release (hopefully we will have a new map by then). HUD Changes/Quality of life I have added hot keys for switching weapons, aswell as a 'hud loadout viewer'. when you change your weapon/equipped item it will show in the bottom right just above the Health/Armour HUD. I also added a permanent prompt of the menu controls to the bottom left, this is so new players can access the two most important things on the server. Bug Fixes Fixed Capture point % not showing correctly, the % may be a bit delayed on your screen but it updates your own personal data every 30 seconds. if it is still out of sync to much i will set it to 15 seconds. Fixed Freedom members not showing properly on PDA
  3. GMod S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP : Alpha 0.5 Derma/Menu Update This update took me one night of caffeine fueled fast typing to do, so this being said both this post and the update its about may be error ridden (I'm sorry about this). So i hope you enjoy this 7 am fever dream that i call a post πŸ˜›. Spawn Menu Props: Entities: I have implemented our own Spawn menu to stop certain props from being spawned. This was a major issue with our old prop blocking system, as it would still allow certain props to be spawned even if we has told it not to let them be spawned. Currently there is only a few Props and Entitys that can be spawned from our menu but i can very easily add more. Each prop will cost the player money to be spawned; explosives cost lots to be spawned, this is mainly to stop exploitation. If you have a reasonable suggestion for a prop/entity to be added, please make a suggestion or comment below. PDA Revamp I have Redone the PDA to be more compact and hopefully easier to understand. Now instead of having a page for info and a page for skills, you now have a page for Player stuff and a page for the Faction war. This faction war page has been added in place of the hud element that Duty and Freedom had previously. Now Duty/Freedom members will not know exactly which objectives they have capped but will know how many they have capped, this adds the needs for planning and scouting missions for both factions. 'Faction Strength' is the average of the 'Faction Members' Percentage and the 'Faction Controlled Locations' Percentage. 'Faction Members' Percentage is based off the percentage of online players for that faction in comparision with the opposing faction, and 'Faction Controlled Locations' is self-explanatory. This was actually quite fun to do and is by far my favourite menu that i have created πŸ˜„. Death Notice I somehow messed the normal garrys mod Kill feed up on one of the recent updates, so i made a simple one of my own. If you have any ideas for funny messages to go in this kill feed message me and i'll see about adding it πŸ™‚ . F4 Commands/Controls Menu The attentive players may have noticed a commands button in the F4 menu that did nothing, well it now does something. I've been putting this one off for a really long time because it was essentially just data entry and copy-paste tool (Not what i call fun lol). This button will now show you all the commands and controls you need to know to play the server. I'm only going to show one picture for this because it is just text!
  4. GMod S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP : Alpha 0.45 Mutant and Misc Update Ok its been awhile since the last update and i'm sorry about this. I took a small break from server programming, but i am back to it now. This update is mainly to fix some major issues, such as the mutant AI. HitBox Fixes All PlayerModel HitBoxes have been updated, before they would be large and overextend over the model but now they are inline with the model. If there are any other fixes that need doing dont be afraid to say. The Dogs Hitbox has now been added, its hitbox used to be inside its body and extremely small, All other mutant hitboxes were fine. Updated the Mutant AI Added the NavMesh for the map so the NPC's will; now nav to you. In General the stun time has been reduced, some NPC's have a 1 second stun like Bloodsuckers and Chimeras; others have a small stun like snorks. Some NPC's have been made freinds so they no longer attack each other. Bloodsuckers will now know you are near them, and canm now jump if you are higher then them, Chimeras can now climb as there was an issue with them getting stuck behind walls. they also have a smaller jump distance so they nolonger ping pong off walls, trees, and hills. Rodents have quicker attacks but no longer stun Misc Additions Added CS-Source Data to the server, this stops people from being able to phase through certain props like windows and the crates. Skill Point Reset NPC, you can now pay extrodinary amounts of money to reset all your skills to 0. Added Vendor NPC's to both Freedom and Duty base. Misc Changes Faction Logos now show on the scoreboard instead of it saying the faction name. Money is no longer shown on the scoreboard, this was only on there for testing. Setname command has changed from /setname to /name Health and armour hud bars no longer squish and show the correct repeated texture. Changed Monolith so Operator+ can play on the class for Events and staff reasons Fixed a bug where if you was dead you could still capture the objective you died on. Fixed the bug where you couldnt pick up ammo if you didnt have a primary equipped. Fixed the bug where it wouldnt show the info on the loadout. Fixed the bug with unequipping helmets
  5. GMod S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP : May Playtime Contest We will be hosting a competition throughout the whole of may based on the playtime throughout this month. There will be 3 prizes for ingame rewards based on the top 3 playtimes, Roots and Higher staff are exempt from this! Prize 1: The player with the top playtime of the month will recieve a Gauss Rifle and 25 rounds (5125000 Rubles) Prize 2: The player with the second most playtime of the month will recieve a Exo Skeleton, a Grenade Launcher, and 25 40mm Grenades (662500 Rubles). Prize 3: The player with the top playtime of the month will recieve a a Grenade Launcher, 5 40mm Grenades, and a Guitar (153000 Rubles). Good Luck on the Competition!
  6. GMod S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP : Alpha 0.4 Economy Update This update took longer than i expected but it is finally finished πŸ™‚. This update is mainly based around an improved economy and doesnt include too many new and exciting features. This update means that all of the money and Items you have accumulated up until now will be removed, this should be the only time this will happen! Price Changes All prices throughout the server have been changed (In most places increased). This has been done to scale with the new barter system, make the ammo less expensive, and in general to improve replayabillity. Thank you to @ZedDxeD for helping me with the data entry. Information NPC You may have seen the info npc before but it now has been fully implemented. Flashlight As this has been requested a hell of alot, the lighter has been swapped out with a flashlight! Bank You will now be able to store up to 50K Rubles in the bank! Barter and Explosives Skill We now have an explosives skill, this means the gun skill will no longer affect explosives. We have also implemented a barter skill, this should allow for people to take up the role of traders and make money from buying other peoples items. This only affects the sell price to the vendor, not the buy price from the vendor. Bug Fixes/Misc Changes Money now drops on death, you will now have to go pick up the money of the people you kill. On Death you will drop 10% of your cash up to 50k Rubles. Capture point Data is now the same on all clients and the server. Duty and Freedom can now see which obj's are captured from anywhere on the map Whitelists have been completly fixed, this one is the main reason that this update is late.. Fixed Psuedodogs not harvesting properly Low, Mid, and High loot containers now have different models. More low tier containers are on the map
  7. GMod S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP : Alpha 0.3 Factions Update Whats this a second update a day after the last. Today i have fixed some bugs that were found today and added some insentive to join the two warring factions. Dempsey has also made some edits to the map. Map Changes Dempsey has moved swapped the duty base and the large industrial complex to make the duty and freedom bases exactly opposite on the map. He has also added something that will be used in future updates, Guess if you know what it is! Duty and Freedom Rework and Whitelists We have completely reworked the Duty and Freedom factions. Instead of being able to join both Duty and Freedom at level 3 you will now have to try out for the respective faction, You will also no longer be able to be apart of both duty and freedom. Due to this change we have chosen 2 leaders, one being @ZedDxeD leading Duty and @Trumpster Dumpster leading freedom. You must see these people or there officers to joing there respective factions. Capture Zones/ Objectives Welcome to our new capture zones. There are 3 locations on the map that Duty and Freedom can capture; the locations are Village (Close to Freedom Base), Substation, and Mini Industrial (Close to Duty Base). If a faction has an objective captured every 5 minutes each person on the whitelist will recieve 500 Rubles, this amount is per object meaning that you could get a maximum of 1500 Rubles for having all the objectives captured. Misc Updates I have Added timed server messages that show both the forums URL and the Teamspeak IP. I also changed the setname command to allow players to set there name to have serveral words in it. Bug Fixes The issue with Mutant hunting has been fixed and the vendor should be working fully with minimal exploitation options available.
  8. I have just pushed out the first major update onto the STALKER RP Server, This update will go live on server restart. Mutant Hunting The mutant hunting system has been completely reworked, this was a planned feature for release but unfortunantly due to complications it had to be pushed back. Now to gain money from mutants you must sell their body parts and meat. To get these items you must look at a dead mutant with a knife out, once you have done this a menu will open. The amount of items you get from each body is randomised. Loot Spawns This was a highly requested Feature. There is now several spots on the map that will give you loot. These containers are split into tiers (low, medium, and high), each giving a random assortment of tiered loot. Low tier containers give between 0 and 5 pieces of loot, Mid tier containers give between 1 and 5 pieces of loot, and High tier containers give between 2 and 5 pieces of loot. Every 15 minutes a low tier container will spawn, every 30 minutes a mid tier container will spawn, and every hour a high tier container will spawn. Skills Rework I have decided to change how the skill points affect your damage. instead of the complicated system i was using before. Now at 0 points in a damage skill tree you will deal 50% of the total damage, as you put more skills into this tree you will increase your damage out put linearly up to 150% damage. To stop people from dealing excessive amounts of damage all skill trees will now have a cap of 100. I have also added a handy indicator to how much the skill is helping on the PDA (as seen above) Next Update On the next update i will have changed the gear economy, added banks, added 2 more skills, and i will have finished the information npc that is at spawn. We are still looking for a freedom leader, please message me on the forums/discord to talk about taking up this role!
  9. General Rules No Random DeathMatch (RDM), You should always follow the rule of engagement (ROE) and your faction specific rules. No Vigilantism No Metagaming, OOC information can not be used in character and vice versa Follow NLR (New Life Rule) No FailRP No PropBlocking No Chat or Voice spam Playing media through your mic is allowed only if everyone close by agrees to it No Pedophillia No Inappropriate/Offensive names No Harassment No Discrimination, this includes discrimination due to gender, race, Sexual prefereance, or disabillitys No Impersonation or Deformation of character No Exploitation, this includes map, gamemode, and addon exploits No Cheating/Hacking No DDOS Threats to anyone No Abusing /advert command Do not LTAP (Leave to Avoid Punishment). an example of this would be RDMing someone and then leaving in an attempt to not receive punishment. Do not Combat log. An example of this would be leaving when you are in a combat situation. Rule of Engagement(ROE)/War System If your Faction is at war with another faction you are able to shoot onsight, provided that the person you are going to shoot is not in a safe area or faction base You are always allowed to return fire on a person provided that you have proof they shot first or they have actually damaged you Faction Specific Rules Loner War: None Not allowed to mug Not allowed to kidnap Not allowed to form or participate in roadblocks Can only build for RP reasons IE: Defending against a bandit attack, Starting a shop. (Must remove all props when the RP is over) Can only build inside other buildings Cannot build inside Faction bases/Spawn town Cannot Build underground Cannot build to block the underground or artifact spawn locations Can trade with everyone Duty and Freedom War: with the opposite faction Can Build to form Roadblocks, these roadblocks must not hinder Bandit or Loner movement Can Build inside there own base for RP reasons Can only trade within there factions Can Kidnap opposing faction, if the size of your group is double the size of the opposing group (Must advert Kidnapped in chat) Can counter Kidnap, if you learn of the kidnap through IC or RP means and the size of the counter group is the same size or greater than the kidnapping group (Must advert counter in chat) The kidnapping party must also not be in their own base. Can raid the opposing base if an Admin+ agrees and is watching the raid. Raids Cannot be longer than 15 minutes Must not base camp the opposing team Bandits War with all other factions Cannot raid Duty or Freedom base Cannot base camp Duty or Freedom base Cannot attack a party unless the party is size of 1 or the party is significantly smaller than the bandit party Group of 4 is needed to form a roadblock Same kidnapping rule as Duty or Freedom Cannot Counter any kidnaps Can mug if the party that is being mugged is of the size of 1 (Must advert Mugging in chat with at least 15 seconds to respond) Cannot build anywhere outside the bandit base unless it is to form a road block All building inside the bandit base must be done for RP reasons
  10. NOVEMBER First Place: @Ethan, will recieve 15 rep points Second place: @Angelo , will recieve 10 rep points Third place: @Hooman, will recieve 5 rep points Several people could have won second and third place but they did not own a forums account. Make sure to make a forums account to compete in any competitions that we may run. Having a forums account will also allow you to keep track of everything that happens in the community!!
  11. Welcome to IdiotBox Gamings Rust Server. The server is a 2 times server that is lightly modded with BetterLoot, slightly faster crafting speeds, Furnace Splitter, Quick Smelt, and a couple more. Our main focus here was to keep this as vanilla as possible whilst adding a little luxury to your rust experience. we are supported by a wonderful staff team that will listen to your reports on our forums and deal with them according to our rules. Too see the rules for the server check out the topic on the Rules section of the forums. We are currently listed on rust-servers.net at the link https://rust-servers.net/server/152247/. We will be holding a regular monthly competition based on the top 3 voters of the server. Each month the top 3 voters will be hiven Rep based on their position in the voting tables. Monthly Voting Competition: First Prize: 15 Forums Rep Points Second Prize: 10 Forums Rep Points Third Prize: 5 Forums Rep Points To win a prize you must have a forums account that is linked to your steam account!
  12. Test of the infantry training so we can use it in future.
  13. Our forums are now open too the Public, You must log in through steam as that is how the forums are setup. If you are having trouble with your account contact a Head-Admin or a Root. To see the whole forums you will NEED to make an account!
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    Forums Rules

    All These rules must be followed, at the very least, whilst using the IdiotBox Forums. There may be some unspoken rules that still apply to all forums members, If a founder or staff member say you have done something wrong then you have! 1. No Vulgar or Inappropriate profile pictures, names or signatures. 2. Keep your posts relating to the category you’re posting in. 3. No Spam of any Kind 4. Keep any posts that are not in an 18+ area to PG 13 content as to not discourage any of our younger community members. 5. No Discriminatory Posts, This includes but is not limited to Discrimanation due to Gender, Sexual Orientation, Race, Age, and Religious Beliefs. 6. No Flaming/Harassment 7. No Extremism 8. No Deformation/Impersonation 9. No Doxxing of any kind 10. No DDos threats, this will incur a community ban! 11. No Pedophilia UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! In any Case, if someone feels like one of these rules has been broken against them or in general the person must inform a Forums Staff member. All evidence will be collected and the staff member will decide on an appropriate punishment according to the Punishment manual provided.
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    TeamSpeak Rules

    1. No Vulgar Avatars 2. No Offensive or Derogatory names 3. Keep the conversation relating to the Channel Name/Topic, Except for Special Places Channels 4. No Mic Spamming unless it is permited by the Channel owner 5. Do not Poach for other Communities 6. Do not Ask for roles or permissions you have not earned 7. No Discrimination, This includes but is not limited to Discrimanation due to Gender, Sexual Orientation, Race, Age, and Religious Beliefs. 8. No Flaming/Harassment 9. No Extremism 10. No Defamation/Impersonation 11. No Doxing Players under any circumstances 12. No DDos threats of any kind, this will incur a community ban! 13. No Pedophilia UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! 14. Founders have the final say in any matter In any Case, if someone feels like one of these rules has been broken against them or in general the person must inform a TeamSpeak Staff member. All evidence will be collected and the staff member will decide on an appropriate punishment according to the Punishment manual provided.
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