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Rust Competition who will win ?

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Welcome everyone to the first ever Rust competition held

here at our community's rust server IdiotBoxGaming.net - 11/7 - [2X | Forced Wipe only]

the rules for the competition are simple who ever is in the top 3 of the server

for playtime by the end of the wipe I.E. on December 5th 2019 when the server wipes

we will decide who are the best of the best and most devoted in our community!


All staff are not allowed to participate or be apart of this competition so if you see

them on the leader-board no need  to worry about them


Prizes for the top 3


$100 dollar steam gift card

and will hold the rank of Rust MVP on the official IdiotBox TS



$50 dollar steam gift card



$25 dollar steam gift card

Good luck to everyone that participates and remember to have fun! and remember do /playtime top to see who is in the lead

Disclaimer: please have your steam connected to the forums if you wish to participate if we are unable to get a hold of you

the prize will be passed down to the next eligible contestant.

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