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Rust 2x Server Update. (12/9)

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My name is Kovert, and I am the new IdiotBox Rust Community Manager. 

We have decided to implement a suggestion that was brought to our attention by one of our players, which concerns the wipe schedule. We originally had a "Forced Wipe Only" schedule, meaning the server would be reset whenever the newest update were to come out. We have decided that a bi-weekly wipe schedule is an idea that fits the servers needs more than the previous had. This change will be added immediately, meaning the next wipe will happen on the 19th of December (12/19). 

All suggestions that are submitted will be put into consideration and maybe even added to the current server! Any and all suggestions are to be added to the Suggestions portion under the Rust tab.

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IdiotBox Communications Manager!

Former Rust Community Manager

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