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TeamSpeak Rules

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1. No Vulgar Avatars

2. No Offensive or Derogatory names

3. Keep the conversation relating to the Channel Name/Topic, Except for Special Places Channels

4. No Mic Spamming unless it is permited by the Channel owner

5. Do not Poach for other Communities

6. Do not Ask for roles or permissions you have not earned

7. No Discrimination, This includes but is not limited to Discrimanation due to Gender, Sexual Orientation, Race, Age, and Religious Beliefs.

8. No Flaming/Harassment

9. No Extremism

10. No Defamation/Impersonation

11. No Doxing Players under any circumstances

12. No DDos threats of any kind, this will incur a community ban!


14. Founders have the final say in any matter

In any Case, if someone feels like one of these rules has been broken against them or in general the person must inform a TeamSpeak Staff member. All evidence will be collected and the staff member will decide on an appropriate punishment according to the Punishment manual provided.

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