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All These rules must be followed, at the very least, whilst using the IdiotBox Forums. There may be some unspoken rules that still apply to all forums members, If a founder or staff member say you have done something wrong then you have!


1. No Vulgar or Inappropriate profile pictures, names or signatures.

2. Keep your posts relating to the category you’re posting in.

3. No Spam of any Kind

4. Keep any posts that are not in an 18+ area to PG 13 content as to not discourage any of our younger community members.

5. No Discriminatory Posts, This includes but is not limited to Discrimanation due to Gender, Sexual Orientation, Race, Age, and Religious Beliefs.

6. No Flaming/Harassment

7. No Extremism

8. No Deformation/Impersonation

9. No Doxxing of any kind

10. No DDos threats, this will incur a community ban!



In any Case, if someone feels like one of these rules has been broken against them or in general the person must inform a Forums Staff member. All evidence will be collected and the staff member will decide on an appropriate punishment according to the Punishment manual provided.

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