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GMod Stalker RP: Rules

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General Rules

  • No Random DeathMatch (RDM), You should always follow the rule of engagement (ROE) and your faction specific rules.
  • No Vigilantism 
  • No Metagaming, OOC information can not be used in character and vice versa
  • Follow NLR (New Life Rule)
  • No FailRP
  • No PropBlocking 
  • No Chat or Voice spam
  • Playing media through your mic is allowed only if everyone close by agrees to it
  • No Pedophillia
  • No Inappropriate/Offensive names
  • No Harassment 
  • No Discrimination, this includes discrimination due to gender, race, Sexual prefereance, or disabillitys
  • No Impersonation or Deformation of character
  • No Exploitation, this includes map, gamemode, and addon exploits
  • No Cheating/Hacking
  • No DDOS Threats to anyone
  • No Abusing /advert command
  • Do not LTAP (Leave to Avoid Punishment). an example of this would be RDMing someone and then leaving in an attempt to not receive punishment.
  • Do not Combat log. An example of this would be leaving when you are in a combat situation.


Rule of Engagement(ROE)/War System

  • If your Faction is at war with another faction you are able to shoot onsight, provided that the person you are going to shoot is not in a safe area or faction base
  • You are always allowed to return fire on a person provided that you have proof they shot first or they have actually damaged you


Faction Specific Rules


  • War: None
  • Not allowed to mug
  • Not allowed to kidnap
  • Not allowed to form or participate in roadblocks
  • Can only build for RP reasons IE: Defending against a bandit attack, Starting a shop. (Must remove all props when the RP is over)
  • Can only build inside other buildings
  • Cannot build inside Faction bases/Spawn town
  • Cannot Build underground
  • Cannot build to block the underground or artifact spawn locations
  • Can trade with everyone


Duty and Freedom

  • War: with the opposite faction
  • Can Build to form Roadblocks, these roadblocks must not hinder Bandit or Loner movement
  • Can Build inside there own base for RP reasons
  • Can only trade within there factions
  • Can Kidnap opposing faction, if the size of your group is double the size of the opposing group (Must advert Kidnapped in chat)
  • Can counter Kidnap, if you learn of the kidnap through IC or RP means and the size of the counter group is the same size or greater than the kidnapping group (Must advert counter in chat)
  • The kidnapping party must also not be in their own base.
  • Can raid the opposing base if an Admin+ agrees and is watching the raid. Raids Cannot be longer than 15 minutes
  • Must not base camp the opposing team



  • War with all other factions
  • Cannot raid Duty or Freedom base
  • Cannot base camp Duty or Freedom base
  • Cannot attack a party unless the party is size of 1 or the party is significantly smaller than the bandit party
  • Group of 4 is needed to form a roadblock
  • Same kidnapping rule as Duty or Freedom
  • Cannot Counter any kidnaps
  • Can mug if the party that is being mugged is of the size of 1 (Must advert Mugging in chat with at least 15 seconds to respond)
  • Cannot build anywhere outside the bandit base unless it is to form a road block
  • All building inside the bandit base must be done for RP reasons


Global Root

Gmod S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP Code Monkey

Freedom Brigadier (Leader)

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