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GMod S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP : Alpha 0.2 Loot Update

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I have just pushed out the first major update onto the STALKER RP Server, This update will go live on server restart.

Mutant Hunting



The mutant hunting system has been completely reworked, this was a planned feature for release but unfortunantly due to complications it had to be pushed back. Now to gain money from mutants you must sell their body parts and meat. To get these items you must look at a dead mutant with a knife out, once you have done this a menu will open. The amount of items you get from each body is randomised.

Loot Spawns



This was a highly requested Feature. There is now several spots on the map that will give you loot. These containers are split into tiers (low, medium, and high), each giving a random assortment of tiered loot. Low tier containers give between 0 and 5 pieces of loot,  Mid tier containers give between 1 and 5 pieces of loot, and High tier containers give between 2 and 5 pieces of loot. Every 15 minutes a low tier container will spawn, every 30 minutes a mid tier container will spawn, and every hour a high tier container will spawn.

Skills Rework


I have decided to change how the skill points affect your damage. instead of the complicated system i was using before. Now at 0 points in a damage skill tree you will deal 50% of the total damage, as you put more skills into this tree you will increase your damage out put linearly up to 150% damage. To stop people from dealing excessive amounts of damage all skill trees will now have a cap of 100. I have also added a handy indicator to how much the skill is helping on the PDA (as seen above)

Next Update

On the next update i will have changed the gear economy, added banks, added 2 more skills, and i will have finished the information npc that is at spawn. We are still looking for a freedom leader,  please message me on the forums/discord to talk about taking up this role!

Global Root

Gmod S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP Code Monkey

Freedom Brigadier (Leader)

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