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GMod S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP : Alpha 0.3 Factions Update

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GMod S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP : Alpha 0.3 Factions Update

Whats this a second update a day after the last. Today i have fixed some bugs that were found today and added some insentive to join the two warring factions. Dempsey has also made some edits to the map.

Map Changes

Dempsey has moved swapped the duty base and the large industrial complex to make the duty and freedom bases exactly opposite on the map.


He has also added something that will be used in future updates, Guess if you know what it is!


Duty and Freedom Rework and Whitelists

We have completely reworked the Duty and Freedom factions. Instead of being able to join both Duty and Freedom at level 3 you will now have to try out for the respective faction, You will also no longer be able to be apart of both duty and freedom. Due to this change we have chosen 2 leaders, one being @ZedDxeD leading Duty and @Trumpster Dumpster leading freedom. You must see these people or there officers to joing there respective factions.

Capture Zones/ Objectives




Welcome to our new capture zones. There are 3 locations on the map that Duty and Freedom can capture; the locations are Village (Close to Freedom Base), Substation, and Mini Industrial (Close to Duty Base). If a faction has an objective captured every 5 minutes each person on the whitelist will recieve 500 Rubles, this amount is per object meaning that you could get a maximum of 1500 Rubles for having all the objectives captured.

Misc Updates

I have Added timed server messages that show both the forums URL and the Teamspeak IP. I also changed the setname command to allow players to set there name to have serveral words in it.

Bug Fixes

The issue with Mutant hunting has been fixed and the vendor should be working fully with minimal exploitation options available.

Global Root

Gmod S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP Code Monkey

Freedom Brigadier (Leader)

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