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GMod S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP : Alpha 0.4 Economy Update

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GMod S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP : Alpha 0.4 Economy Update

This update took longer than i expected but it is finally finished 🙂. This update is mainly based around an improved economy and doesnt include too many new and exciting features. This update means that all of the money and Items you have accumulated up until now will be removed, this should be the only time this will happen!

Price Changes

All prices throughout the server have been changed (In most places increased). This has been done to scale with the new barter system, make the ammo less expensive, and in general to improve replayabillity. Thank you to @ZedDxeD for helping me with the data entry.

Information NPC


You may have seen the info npc before but it now has been fully implemented.



As this has been requested a hell of alot, the lighter has been swapped out with a flashlight!



You will now be able to store up to 50K Rubles in the bank!

Barter and Explosives Skill


We now have an explosives skill, this means the gun skill will no longer affect explosives. We have also implemented a barter skill, this should allow for people to take up the role of traders and make money from buying other peoples items. This only affects the sell price to the vendor, not the buy price from the vendor.

Bug Fixes/Misc Changes

  1. Money now drops on death, you will now have to go pick up the money of the people you kill. On Death you will drop 10% of your cash up to 50k Rubles.
  2. Capture point Data is now the same on all clients and the server.
  3. Duty and Freedom  can now see which obj's are captured from anywhere on the map
  4. Whitelists have been completly fixed, this one is the main reason that this update is late..
  5. Fixed Psuedodogs not harvesting properly
  6. Low, Mid, and High loot containers now have different models.
  7. More low tier containers are on the map


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1 minute ago, SkyeBreach said:

As this has been requested a hell of alot, the lighter has been swapped out with a flashlight!

Wonder who did that....


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