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GMod S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP : Alpha 0.45 Mutant and Misc Update

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 GMod S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP : Alpha 0.45 Mutant and Misc Update

Ok its been awhile since the last update and i'm sorry about this. I took a small break from server programming, but i am back to it now. This update is mainly to fix some major issues, such as the mutant AI.

     HitBox Fixes

  • All PlayerModel HitBoxes have been updated, before they would be large and overextend over the model but now they are inline with the model. If there are any other fixes that need doing dont be afraid to say.
  • The Dogs Hitbox has now been added, its hitbox used to be inside its body and extremely small, All other mutant hitboxes were fine.

     Updated the Mutant AI

  • Added the NavMesh for the map so the NPC's will; now nav to you.
  • In General the stun time has been reduced, some NPC's have a 1 second stun like Bloodsuckers and Chimeras; others have a small stun like snorks.
  • Some NPC's have been made freinds so they no longer attack each other.
  • Bloodsuckers will now know you are near them, and canm now jump if you are higher then them,
  • Chimeras can now climb as there was an issue with them getting stuck behind walls. they also have a smaller jump distance so they nolonger ping pong off walls, trees, and hills.
  • Rodents have quicker attacks but no longer stun

  Misc Additions

  • Added CS-Source Data to the server, this stops people from being able to phase through certain props like windows and the crates.
  • Skill Point Reset NPC, you can now pay extrodinary amounts of money to reset all your skills to 0.
  • Added Vendor NPC's to both Freedom and Duty base.

Misc Changes

  • Faction Logos now show on the scoreboard instead of it saying the faction name.
  • Money is no longer shown on the scoreboard, this was only on there for testing.
  • Setname command has changed from /setname to /name
  • Health and armour hud bars no longer squish and show the correct repeated texture.
  • Changed Monolith so Operator+ can play on the class for Events and staff reasons
  • Fixed a bug where if you was dead you could still capture the objective you died on.
  • Fixed the bug where you couldnt pick up ammo if you didnt have a primary equipped.
  • Fixed the bug where it wouldnt show the info on the loadout.
  • Fixed the bug with unequipping helmets

Global Root

Gmod S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP Code Monkey

Freedom Brigadier (Leader)

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